Healing from within

The theme that I am exploring is Healing.

a little explanation on the conceptual drawing:

Since the artist uses beautiful crochet and lace to pursue this theme, I am going go back to the beginning step/material for making a crochet: thread. Having the idea of healing in mind, at this stage, I am using a messy bun of thread. At first, it does not even look like a beautiful crochet, but the fact is the crochet cannot be made if the thread is not there. So the thread is the initial step toward a beautiful (healed) end, however, like so many of us, the thread in here is not flawless, ready to start becoming a crochet. In here we see a messy potential bun of thread (a scared figure/symbol – which has the potentials of getting healed). I printed the crochet patterns on the background paper, by placing a candle in the center of this messy bun, it creates the effects of the potential beautiful shadow of this messy bun: getting healed/becoming a crochet.Then, I cut out a corner of this piece of paper in the shape of crochet; again more encouragement toward the strong belief that even that messy bun had the potential healing if it has the motivative light withing it which makes it see the final picture: a beautifully finished crochet.


The bay that I am assigned to is near University center, so it is basically a rather crowded passageway for students.

By identifying this very characteristic of this particular sight, I am going to continue this idea (passageway), but I want people to get out of their everyday life thoughts while they are walking toward UC and notice this structure in a rather joyful, pleasant way that brings a smile on their face. Smile even for a moment is a beautiful, powerful sign than body shows a state of happiness. their smile while passing under this passageway shows that they are torn away from the stress they are dealing with as a result of anything throughout the day which can be considered as a scar that they get used to. But by being drawn out of their state of mind into a beautiful, bright, ordered, harmonic passageway, is short but heals the scar (the stress, the every day thinking).

I would like to be able to have this messy bun as a passageway on the pavement, but once you pass through inside this installation, you notice that it looks nothing like outside of it. the inside it very much ordered knitting patterns with are all covered in a white color to even shines it more once the sun hits it from outside.

the goal is to remind people, no matter how messy the life, the situations, the people themselves look like the healing can rise from withing at any moment one wishes and puts an effort toward it.

Site analysis panel:



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