Hard Light Bridge

My final iteration of the Project 5 proposal is a bridge made of steel framing and acrylic glazing which connects the Architecture Building to the University Center. The concept revolves around the idea of weaving with light, and how light could become something tangible.

Beginning with the analysis of Maya Hayuk, I have found that a major part of the approach she takes to her murals is bringing colour into places which are rather bland and industrial. She has an attitude of positivity, in the sense that her work brings a splash of light and colour to those who see it. This, paired with the concept of woven light, is the attitude which I wish to take into the project.

My site is the canvas onto which I paint positivity and light, the same way Maya Hayuk does with murals. The entrance to the University Center is a high traffic zone on this campus. People are dropped off in front of it, pass through on their way to and from the O-Train and bus stops, and rarely does anyone pause in the midst of the traffic unless it is to wait on the side of the pathway to be picked up. With my intervention, I wish to make this path a covered area filled with coloured light.

The point of the space is to connect the Architecture building to the University Center. Presently, the Architecture building has a bridge which connects it to the Mackenzie building, but trips to the University Center are far more frequent. This program aims to create a tunnel-like bridge which spans from the stairwell area within First Year Studio to the awning over the front entrance of the University Center. Branching off of the main body of the structure, and echoing its form, would be a smaller space in which one can sit and wait to be picked up.

The Significance of Light

Light is a word which has many denotations – illumination, brightness, paleness, and being of little weight or low density. Asides from these, are the less tangible connotations associated with light: warmth, life, joy, hope, home, goodness, beauty, divinity. All these work together to create an overall sense that light is good, that it brings happiness into people’s lives. This is the atmosphere I wish to imbue in my project: one of a palpable uplifting feeling.

The Significance of Weaving

Weaving is an ancient craft wherein threads are suspended, taut and parallel, within a framework, and more threads are guided between them orthogonally and alternating the direction of the overlap. The taut threads are called the warp, and the overlapping ones are the weft. The motion and outcome of weaving is threads coming together to create something new – a new experience. It is traditionally considered a domestic craft, which imbues it with a sense of home and familiarity. This works together in my project with the light to create a sense of an enclosed, hearth-like space.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From the feedback received during the final reviews, I have learned that I need to find a way to make my proposal a more “solid” idea – not in the sense that it needs to look heavier or more opaque, but rather that it needs to be more believable as a structure. I can improve on the form of the proposal by extending some of the elements to the ground, so the structure looks more stable.

Studio 1 Reflection

This studio experience has been a valuable learning process. I’ve learned a great deal about my own approach to projects, and how I can improve on my methods to bring my final projects to a state of higher resolution. At the beginning of the term, I was producing work which I was extremely proud of, and though I am pleased with the outcome of the final project, I feel as though I lost some momentum about halfway through the term. While I was still producing work every week, I struggled to make my ideas tangible. My method tends to be to try one idea, abandon it, then try something else over and over until I have a final project based on one of the ideas. This method makes it difficult to reach full resolution of the project, because I have no way to refine a single idea over and over until it is perfect. I have learned in Studio 1 that I need to try a new method of project approach. This course also reinforced my confidence in giving presentations, a skill which I will use for my whole career in architecture.


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