Garden Monster

The Bay that I was assigned was on the west side of the architecture building closer to the south end.  My proposal was to construct a metal wiring system that allows more people to interact with the tunnel garden near the front entrance of the building. I decided to build places for the plants to tether off from high above the ground so that people who pass by would be more likely to notice the garden when they may have never know it existed before.

Based on the feedback I got during the review I believe that it would be more effective to have a self-watering system that gathers rain water. Going further with my project I would design a water collection tank that gather all the water that runs off the roof when it rains. This would allow the collected water to slowly drip down tubes connected to the container into the potted plants that are tethered. During a dry spout water could be added to the water collection tank from the 4th floor in the 2nd year studio though a window with a hose attached to the sink. During the cold season the installation would be bare revealing its spider web like appearance. This would be an unorthodox place that people may not visit as it gives a sense of unease reminding people of the gravity of the issue of global warming.

My artist was Lady Pink she often painted in barren places and had a theme of science and garden in her art. This is clear in her project named the Dunny wall. I wanted to bring attention to the most barren part of my lot, the tunnel garden. Similar to my artist lady pink I created my installation to in order to draw attention to a place that otherwise would have no real significance. The point is to address an issue that is a prominent problem at this time. In the 1950’s when Lady Pink was starting her career as a young artist she was seen as a feminine activist to many people she was an inspiration to promote change in woman’s rights. The lack of green space which is a big factor in pollution and global warming. The theme of garden was one that carried over though the course of this project and just like Lady Pink I am addressing an issue that is a current issue that we face globally.

Using the themes of my artist I sought to bring life to the garden at the front of the architecture building. My seed model speaks to this theme I incorporated the themes of garden and of global change by seeking to create a notable green space in the warm seasons and an immanent spider like web in the cold days of winter.


Reflection on my studio work this term:

At the beginning of this term I was assigned an artist, starting from our first impressions of the artist then the research. Through the course of the semester I learnt a lot more about my artist through the recreation of her work and the creation of a seed. Finally coming to the core of what she was trying to convey and coming up with the themes, garden and change, to create something of my own with the same goal in mind. Through the study of my bay for the final project I decided I wanted to make an intervention that dealt with the issue of lacking greenery in the space even though it was a garden. An example of a study I conducted is my plant growth study. My goal was to discover the best way to grow plants in the space that I was assigned to work for the final assignment. Through my study I discovered that the amount of light that falls is most prominent in the center near the closer side of the building in the garden. For this reason I placed my intervention on the far side on the garden in order for it to provide more shade to the part of the space that already gets the least amount of light. Throughout the day so that it does not shade the best location for growth to occur. Over all this semester was a time of personal growth for me where I learnt about new art styles and was able to discover new personal skills.

Office windows photoshop final bw Plant window photo final bw Porch bridge photo final bwTunnel door up photo final bw Staircase down photo final bw top view phto final bw

13082050_1101515143265541_30126210_n  IMG_0242 IMG_0271 IMG_0241IMG_0449 IMG_8717IMG_8714 IMG_8715  IMG_8718 IMG_8719 IMG_8721 IMG_8724 Lady Pink PosterIMAG0022 IMAG0024 scan 1 3scan 24modle intervetion 2 modle intervetion 3


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