Final Update: Course of Decomposition

Influenced by Bergeron’s Faces of Regent Park series, I am going to continue with the idea of drawing aspects from around the area to gather and transform into a meaningful message. Through gathering excess food waste through chutes and pipes, I want to bring it through a process of decomposition and eventually recycling it and giving back to the environment. The process of composition begins with the gathering of brown organic material (dead leaves, twigs, manure etc.) and green organic material (fruit rinds, food waste). This will be collected into the first compartment, which is when it is ground up. Moving through a mass of pipes and tubes underground, it transfers into the second compartment where it is left to sit and occasionally be mixed to incorporate oxygen and mix the heated compost. Once full decomposition has taken place, it will again be transported through tubes to the final step to be planted. I hope for the plants and greens that are grown in the garden will be re-used in the UC dining hall, so a cycle is completed. I chose to use metal to show the rusting overtime, to show the act of deterioration which is present in the waste and food that is being recycled. I had originally planned for the matter to be moved through pipes that had no stiff structure, more resembling tree roots; however, I realized that would be too unrealistic. So I tries to work with the idea of nature and trees in other aspects, such as the three compartments. The pipes that stick out of the ground like tree roots were also meant to “show” the waste to the on-lookers to make them face the problem rather than ignore it. I ultimately want people to take responsibility for they habits in waste disposal. For the final model, I made the pipes have more structure, more resembling real pipes used underground. This change was slightly more realistic, but it lost the “showing” aspect that was important to showing my message of taking responsibility and interacting and having on-lookers learn about the process. The garden will have intersecting pathways that lead to a tall, steel structure that houses benches for people to sit and enjoy the shade or plant ground. The 3 compartments invite on-lookers to walk in and though the spaces. Properly decomposed matter will not smell, so it would not turn people away. The opening in each compartment not only allows sunlight and oxygen to enter, but also helps in inviting by-passers to take a look. During the night, the compartments light up again emphasizing the idea of warmth, like the warmth emitted from the composting process, and interaction and inviting.

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Final Drafts

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Final Model

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Inhabitation Images

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Project IV Process Work: Collages

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Project IV Process Work: First Iteration Model

The work I have done throughout the semester was rewarding to me. I personally found it extremely difficult for me to think in the same mind frame as my artist, and use that thinking in the work I had to create. I realize that one person shouldn’t just stubbornly stick to one ideal liking or “aesthetic”, as I had before starting these projects. Fauxreel has an extremely different style than mine. Why I found this semester rewarding was because although I had trouble getting into it, I learned how to tackle problems head on instead of being flaky and giving up easily to switch to another route. A lot of architects don’t get to just do whatever they want, most of the time it is up to the customer or they have to compromise with a whole team. That being said, I learned that I can’t always do what I want, it really depends on the guidelines given and what I need to do rather what I want to do (for example, working with a rather industrial, “real”, looking work compared to what I generally like, which is colorful and bright like Rococo work). All the critique that I had received, whether one-on-one or from people during crits, were very helpful and constructive. Although internally I feel like I benefited quite a lot from this semester’s projects, I’m not happy with the projects I made. But I believe that my ability to think in another mind frame and to figure out solutions to problems will come with time and practice.


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