FINAL: Light Revealing Crossing Paths

For the final intervention, placed directly between the south-west corner of the Architecture Building and the University Centre, two parts make up the installation. The first part being the overhead above ground, supplying LED lights for the pedestrians. The LED lights are comprised of an array of colours, inspired by the colour selection of HOT TEA. The colous add diversity and variation, reflecting the characteristics of the people who pass through underneath the lit overhead, people who come from different backgrounds and live unique lives. Additionally, the LED lights are formed in lines, emphasizing the initial theme of line, also drawn from HOT TEA’s work. From a utilitarian perspective, the overhead provides both visibility, especially during the night, and protection of natural elements, such as precipitation.

The theme of line and how it is used in the intervention is more theoretical rather than physical. Aside from line being represented in physical forms, diverging from representing them in a very literal way, I decided to let the paths of individuals make up the theme of line in this final iteration as they cross underneath the LED overhead.

The second part of the intervention is the underground passage, connecting the Architecture Building and the University Centre at tunnel level. This portion of the intervention is located directly below the overhead with the LEDs. In terms of its function, it works well for colder temperatures in which case pedestrians have the option to quickly pass between buildings undergorund without making contact with the outside.

Between the two main parts of the intervention is a translucent ground, in which case a part of the ground directly above the tunnel and below the overhead is replaced with a rigid translucent material that allows light from the LEDs to pass through without being completely transparent. The material also allows people to step on its surface and will hold their weight. The translucency will contribute to an ethereal atmosphere and sight for the pedestrians in the tunnel looking above, in which case people passing above ground will cast shadows that move across the ceiling of the tunnel. This illustrates the line made by crossing paths of people above ground, for the people underground to witness.

Along side the theme of line, the tunnel between the two buildings supports the idea of connection, forming a link. This contributes to the social aspect of the intervention, focusing on the interaction between people in everyday life, due to the fact that this site experiences a considerable amount of pedestrian traffic. The lights also function as a medium that reveals the paths of people. It points out the lack of physical interaction between people in modern day, where technology makes this kind of interaction avoidable. The LEDs shine a light on people passing by one another in day-to-day life, emphasizing human interaction. It criticizes the lack of said interaction, while displaying it in a different, more aesthetically appealing way, bringing it into a new light. The light reveals the connections made in everyday life that go unnoticed.


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I felt confident at the beginning of the term, having had the right ideas and spending enough time on the physical projects. Over time, having over analysized the themes and ideas, I feel as though I lost time in the production in the work. The process of taking inspiration from the given artist and making something different from their work that also captures their spirit became troublesome for me because of my mix of ideas and continuously wanting to change the direction in which I was developing my intervention. Overall, I feel as though I didn’t spend as much time as I possibly could on the craft of my projects. I believe that I spent to much time in the development phases and trying to come up with newer ideas when I should from one and continue to develop that idea as I am producing work.

Nonetheless, the term taught me lessons about translating ideas through my work, improving my understanding of the importance of clearly communicating said ideas. One’s work should be able to speak for itself, and I believe that is something I must work on and continue to practice. The theme and my intentions became lost within the process of analyzing the site and intervention. Looking back at my work, I realize I need to focus on consistency and clarity. I understand I also need to improve on continuously developing my projects rather than developing the idea and then going into production. After having produced all the work over this term, I have a clear understanding of the areas I need to improve in.


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