#11 Lines effect by the material


The project since the midterm is a study of a chosen site in the campus, and my site is located at the architecture building which is between the bridge and the corner facing the Mackenzie Building. The first general glance of the site from the outside did not tell me too much of the function at part of the building. perhaps it is cause by the two obvious bridges, and the covering columns and walls or the lack of light, I did not realize there is a stair case and a door way which can access the building. Then the ideas of expose the something that people do not commonly realize at that place is come to me. According to the seed model I made before, I am still keep working on lines.

The seed model is three kinds of line combinations reflect three numbers which have a lot of symbolism meaning in real life and for this time I am developing the lines I found at this site which are make me feel  they got some kinds of specialty to reflect the function of this place. Through going and looking around the place, I found out the diagonal lines formed by the stair case might be the only diagonal lines shown from the exterior of the building, and the spiraling patterns on the ceiling of the path are not what people usually notice about.

I was chosen to develop the spiraling lines more on details, and the diagonal coming to a more general scenes of the development just like the trend to mark out the entrance of the building and the stairs. Although all people’s pavilions are trying to changing the function of their sites, I was willing not to change – all my purpose of the creation is making the existing more powerful and visible.


So I imagine if the lines are alive and they can change their shape when they get in touch with different kinds of materials. Also, when the spirals climb on the wall or other materials which are not translucent, it can change it to the opposite. The curves are not changing their scenes right a way when they touch the harder materials but have a progression, it first come out from the wall and crawling on it, then they are choosing to go as two different trend. One is piling off from the wall but it still keep the scenes of curve with them. The reason is they are affect not only by the brick or concrete, the air affect them too. The other type of  develop are more purely effect by the hard materials because they are not climb on the surface of the wall but going inside of the wall. They loose the curve but they keep the spiral, and they are making translucent wholes on the wall.

Some how the two types of develops are effecting each other as well. When they climb on the large trend – the zigzags reflecting the stairs, they meet each other at the start of third level and combined or fight with each other. Through the height’s difference, the take over type been change as well. Third floor, the type which still curve loose so it only get the background and the translucent one dancing at the front, but situation been change when they get higher. The translucent one fall back to the background and the curve one take over. And both of them cannot keep their character when they get more developed – they been gradually disappear when they got too far away from their root.

The studio work this term makes me learn a lot more thing about creation activity in architecture. I have been learned a lot ways to communicate and developing my own ideas. In fact, the parts which affect me a lot are viewing other people’s works. Through the communication, receiving other people’s works is helping me to know how to develop my idea more affectively. Another thing is, thanks for the blogging it makes me build up a habit to documenting the progress of my creation. I know that I am still need to do more extra works on my writing and my skill of presenting my thought to help me make more clear of my ideas to other people. In conclusion, this terms studio work experience told me a lot about things I am good at, things I am not quiet work out. Although the whole schedule is a kind of tight, the things had to do is kind of lot and make me tired, I am still have to say that it is a great experience and I am so enjoy of the moment when I am really made something out.



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