The End Is Near

Banksy is an English-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director whose real identity is unknown. Although he has an Instagram and a Facebook account to share his art with the world; people don’t want to know who he is. His anonymous identity is what makes his work even more interesting. Banksy uses stenciling techniques in almost all of his work and his pieces have been known to show up in random cities around the world and focus on political and social commentary. The two themes I decided to work on for this project were negative and positive space, and perspective. In the first part of my project I decided to recreate one of Banksy’s most important piece; “Girl with a balloon (2002)”.


In the second phase of the project, I decided to work with perspective rather than negative space. I created an orthographic art piece in the architecture building that can only be seen and read from a single point of view. The Triangle, Circle, Square represent the Azreili School of Architecture and Urbanism at Carleton University.

In the third phase, I started working on my pavilion. The area I was assigned was the canopy area under second year studio in the architecture building. In this phase, I had to make an intervention that relates to my artist. I chose to work with the smoking issue located in my bay. I wanted to explore all of Banksy’s themes in my intervention. I also wanted my intervention to interact from both the outside and the inside of the building. throughout the semester I worked on creating a bench and a small storage area from the outside and a table from the inside of the building. The design I came up with was a simple design made out of a single line.

Dealing with the issue of smoking meant having a ventilation system which sucks in all the contaminated air and exchanges it with fresh air. Ventilation is the intentional introduction of outside air into a space and is mainly used to control air quality by diluting and displacing pollutants; It can also be used for purposes of thermal comfort or dehumidification when the introduction of outside air will help achieve desired conditions.The design of the two extensions coming out of the chair act as a ventilation system. The extensions are designed to fit ventilation pipes in order to get rid of the smoke and provide fresh air. On the right extension there is an exhaust hood in which the smoke goes through, as it rises through the pipe, some of the contaminated air goes out through the exhaust stack that is near the top of the extension while the rest of the smoke goes through a filter to purify it and provide fresh air. On the left extension there is a supply air fan that takes fresh clean air from the surrounding area and  transports it to the seating area. At the same time the clean filtered air goes to the left extension as they are connected inside the building with another pipe that takes all the contaminated air to the outside of the building. Both the filtered air and the air from the fan go back to the seating area as fresh air.

This project connects to my artist because Banksy is known for making political and bold statements. I decided to make a smoking area out of an area where smoking is not allowed. I interacted with space as if the windows are melting to form these chair like structures.


Inhabitation Images:

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Site Plan:

Process Model:

After finishing Studio 1 of first year Architecture; I learned a lot about my artist and how a person can reflect on one thing and transform that thing into something completely different. Starting the semester by just searching up about our artists and ending it with a pavilion is a process I’m willing to do over and over again. Every single phase gave me a new perspective about how I want to peruse this project.


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